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Pioneer of recruitment for the sport's industry

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We work for the sporting goods industry, distributors, service providers, pro clubs, sports video game publishers, start ups and energy drinks.
We recruit people for the following areas :

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Purchasing
  • Merchandising
  • Communication
  • General Management


AG Sport Consulting advises in various fields. In human resources we work on reorganization, restructuring, outsourcing, coaching and salary benchmarking. Then in a more global way we support brands in their business development at national, European or international level. This can be translated as: The search for agents or distributors, the setting up of a subsidiary, the development of the marketing mix and the go to market. The areas in which we are actif the most are technical products, start-ups,  projects in e-commerce and retail.

Our recruitment approach

We have a recruitment approach built on years of experience and expertise as an insider in the sports industry. It is structured in 8 steps. The duration of this process varies between 6 to 12 weeks depending on the requested profile.




Definitionof the profile


Search strategy and screening


Interview of candidates


Selection and presentation


Check ofreferences


Negotiationof the contract



What our customers think about us

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Andy Gugenheimer


After 15 years  in the sports industry (Nike, Oakley, Rip Curl, etc) and a very varied career, from the position of salesman to general management, Andy Gugenheimer launches the Agency AG Sport Consulting in 2006. This recruitment company was the first to specialize in the top management of the sports industry in Europe. Andy is a serial entrepreneur, particularly creative, who seeks to make a positive contribution to people and his environment. He is an expert in business creation and development. He understands this context and the importance of finding, choosing and convincing the right person, who will know how to evolve and adapt, and all this in a record time, in his new job. This has become both the reference and leitmotiv of the agency. Andy can thus rely on a unique network made up of industry, retail, e-commerce, designers, entrepreneurs and also investment funds. Andy is passionate about sports and lives in Paris and Biarritz.

Stephane Janssoone

Senior Consultant

Stéphane Janssoone has spent 20 years in the sports industry, mainly in international sales, marketing, business development and management, in large groups and SMEs. With his past experience and aware that the human factor is crucial for the health and success of a company and its employees, he is now active in recruitment, coaching and HR consulting, still in the industry of sport, with the aim of facilitating the development of people and companies. Multicultural, quadrilingual, former pro triathlete, Stéphane has traveled the world to satisfy his appetite for understanding the human being. Certified in systemic coaching, psychometric instruments (MBTI®, Action Types®), and the Wim Hof® method, he focused his research on self-knowledge, an essential precondition, according to him, to the development of the human being in its potential. Thanks to this singular approach he can quickly propose candidates whose skills, personality, know-how and aspirations meet the immediate and future needs of the company, his values, his DNA and his style of management.Based in Annecy, Stéphane continues varied sport practice.